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Retrial of American pilots in Gol accident will be on the 15th

Retrial of American pilots in Gol accident will be on the 15th

08/10/2012 - 20h15

From Agência Brasil

The appeals trial of American pilots Joseph Lepore and Jan Paul Paladino, who commanded the Legacy jet that collided with the Gol plane in the Amazon region and caused the death of 154 people, is scheduled for the 15th at the Third Criminal Panel of the Federal Court of the 1st Region (TRF1). The case will be heard by Judge Tourinho Neto. The 29th of last month was the sixth anniversary of the accident.

The new trial will occur after federal prosecutors in Mato Grosso appealed the penalty given to the pilots last year. At the hearing, relatives and friends of the victims, members of the Association of Relatives and Friends of Victims of Flight 1907, will seek the annulment of the current sentence, which replaces the time of punishment for community service, and the permanent revocation of the pilots' licenses.

The sentence, issued in May 2011, condemned the pilots to four and a half years of detention in semi-open regime. However, substitute federal judge Murilo Mendes of the municipality of Sinop (MT), converted the penalties for manslaughter (without intent to kill) into community service in a Brazilian institution established in the United States.

Although they are responding to criminal prosecution in Brazil, Paladino continues working for American Airlines, and Lepore for ExcelAire. According to the association of relatives of victims of the accident, the failure to cancellation the Americans' licenses to pilot aircraft endangers the lives of people and can cause other serious aviation accidents. Only the U.S. regulatory agency, the Federal Airports (sic) Administration of the United States (FAA, its acronym in English), can decide on the permanent forfeiture of the pilots' licenses.

In 2010, Sgt Jomarcelo Fernandes dos Santos, who worked in air traffic control on the day of the accident, was sentenced to one year and two months in prison for manslaughter, accused of not complying with safety standards. The other controllers - João Batista da Silva, Felipe Santos Reis, Lucivando Tiburcio de Alencar and Leandro José Santos de Barros - were acquitted for lack of evidence (sic).

In August 2011, the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) fined Lepore and Paladino in R$ 3,500. ExcelAire, the company that owned the Legacy jet, was also fined in the amount of R$ 7,000.

The accident occurred when the Boeing belonging to Brazilian airline Gol, which left Manaus (AM) bound for Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro, collided with the Legacy over an area of ​​dense Amazon rainforest. All passengers and crew on the Gol plane died. The jet pilots managed to make an emergency landing at the Air Base of Serra do Cachimbo, in Pará.

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