sábado, 7 de abril de 2012

ATC GLOBAL: New safety and efficiency improvement programmes from dynamic ATM

ATC GLOBAL: New safety and efficiency improvement programmes from dynamic ATM Markets Lieutenant-Brigadier Ramon Borges Cardoso, Director General, Department of Airspace Control, DECEA Brazil, asked whether it was possible to implement an ATM system that, at the same time, takes into consideration the interest of the airspace users and the sovereignty of a country. Brazil’s ATC system has evolved to extend its coverage to the entire continental area reaching 22 million square kilometers, with a large part of the South Atlantic. The DECEA is also responsible for Air Defense, Search and Rescue operations Air Force communications. “The Brazilian Airspace Control System, ruled by the Department of Airspace Control, is composed of five control centers, 42 approach control and 58 towers supported by 67 primary Radars, 77 secondary radars and 17 meteorological radars.” The system will evolve accordingly to the ICAO Global Plan. An operational concept aimed at ATM evolution called Project Sirius was published in 2007 and updated in 2011. Achievements so far include: • Implementation of ADS/C and CPDLC in the Atlantic region • Implementation of PBN – RNAV/RNP and routes optimization • ATFM implanted in the Air Navigation Management Center (CGNA) • RNP AR and RNP APCH with BARO VNAV Procedures • GBAS installed at Rio de Janeiro (sun activities) • Multilateration and ADS/B test bed to support helicopters flying to oil rigs. • Flexible use of airspace (CRUZEX OPS) • CO2 benefit evaluation using ICAO IFSET

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