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Legacy that struck Gol plane in 2006 to leave the country

Legacy that struck Gol plane in 2006 to leave the country


The Air Force informed this Saturday that the Legacy jet - which collided with the Gol Boeing on September 29, 2006 - landed last night in Manaus. The city is the airplane's last stop in Brazil before the final departure for the United States. Infraero did not inform the jet's departure date.

The Legacy jet has been since the date of the accident at the military aerodrome of Brigadeiro Velloso Proving Ground, in Cachimbo, Pará. On the 22nd of this month, the substitute judge for the Federal Court in Sinop, Mato Grosso, Fábio Henrique de Moraes, determined that the jet be restored to its owner.

The Legacy, with international registration N600XL, belonged to the American air charter firm ExcelAire. It was sold to Cloudscape Corporation and got a new registration: N965LL.

The Gol Boeing was performing flight 1907 from Manaus (AM) to Rio, with a stop scheduled in Brasilia. On overflying the country's northern region, there was a collision between the aircraft and the Legacy. The 154 occupants of the Gol plane died.

Sought out by the Folha, lawyer Dante D'Aquino, of the Association of Friends and Relatives of the Victims of Flight 1907, said that the aircraft's departure from the country will not cause "any loss" to the production of evidence related to the accident.
"The control panel equipment and the black box, which are the evidence collected by the Federal Police, remain in the country. And the expert examinations on the aircraft fuselage have all been performed. I see nothing against it", he affirmed.

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