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Controller was scapegoat say the families of the victims

Controller was scapegoat say the families of the victims

The association of the families and friends of the Victims of Flight 1907 reacted with fear to the condemnation of the air traffic controller, Sergeant Jomarcelo Fernandes for the accident which occurred in 2006 with the Gol aircraft that carried 154 passengers on-board, all of which have died in the tragedy. The aircraft was travelling from Manaus to Brasilia when it was hit by one of the wings of a Legacy jet. The disaster is amongst the worst in the history of Brazilian aviation.

The fear is according to the president of the association, Angelita de Marchi, widow of Plínio Luiz de Siqueira Júnior, a Business man, is that the condemnation of Jomarcelo to 1 year and 2 months of imprisonment serves to “cover the real causes of the accident”.

"We know perfectly well, even if the controller has erred in the communication that the pilots of the Legacy (Joseph Lepore and Jan Paul Paladino) had a flight plan in their hands, but they didn’t follow it. They didn’t have intimate knowledge of their aircraft. There are grotesque failures, fatal as far as the pilots are concerned, and they have not even really testified so far” adding that the feeling of the families is of revolt.

"This feeling of impunity – each one makes what he wants and it stands as it is, due to other motives, instead of investigating the truth – this causes a feeling of revolt for the families. What we have gone through, the loss that we have experienced, nothing will make us to overcome this. It won’t be the amount of the indenisation, the scapegoats, nothing will. We would like to regain the dignity of these persons which have died and make sure that, for the least, we can believe in our country and our Justice”.

Coming back to the condemnation for manslaughter (when there is not intent to kill) of the sergeant, which is regarded by Angelita as a “scapegoat”, the association judges this as insufficient. In the analysis of the president of the entity, the Aeronáutica should also be held responsible for the accident.

"I believe the case is more extensive. There are failures in the system. The Aeronáutica is responsible for the persons which it puts to work there. It put a person there that didn’t have sufficient command of English to communicate with pilots and which didn’t use up-to-date equipment, and this all made these persons to take wrong decisions. This all is part of this case. This is not only the situation of air traffic controller Jomarcelo”.

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