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The pressure by relatives

The pressure by relatives

A copy of a black-box is being made to be delivered at the American Airlines company headquarters in Brasil, in São Paulo, tomorrow. Inside the object will be a DVD will all the technical information about the accident. The intention, according to relatives of the victims of the Gol 1907 accident who are organizing the protest, is to pressure the company to remove the pilot Jan Paul Paladino from its payroll. He, alongside Joseph Lepore, piloted the Legacy jet, which, on colliding with the Boeing, caused the airplane to crash.

"It isn't possible that a multinational company would put in danger the lives of the millions of passengers that it transports", complained Rosane Gutjhar, widow of Rolf, who was on the Gol airplane. Part of the victims' relatives, who joined together in the association created after the accident, create a site (www.190milhoesdevitimas.com.br). Material relative to the accident, such as the cockpit audio, can be accessed on the Internet. "The pilots said that they did not know how to pilot that aircraft, they curse Brazilians, they flipped the bird at us on disembarking in their country, and they have impunity?", asked Rosane. For Theo Dias, the pair's lawyer in Brazil, the audio is taken out of context.

After the North American courts turned down the United States as as convenient forum for indemnification suits on the part of the relatives of the victims of Flight 1907, the pace of settlements increased. According to Gol, relatives of 145 passengers, of a total of 154, have signed settlement contracts. Rosane is an exception. She affirms that she refused to sign the proposal presented by the airline due to a restrictive clause: "If I had accepted, I would have had to agree to not participate in any court case, civil or criminal", she explained. "We know of many people who were driven by need to accept agreements of R$40,000 [About US$25,000]", she said. Gol informs that the settlement values are confidential. (RM)

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