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Families victims of Flight 1907 protest against impunity of Legacy pilots

Families victims of Flight 1907 protest against impunity of Legacy pilots


The association of families of victims of the Gol accident launched a campaign in Curitiba (PR) this Monday against the lack of punishment of the pilots involved in the Flight 1907 accident, which left 154 dead.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday, plans are to hand out pamphlets in 23 locations (especially São Paulo) in four capitals -- São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Brasília.

Baptized "190 million victims", the main objective of the campaign is to cancel the flying licenses of North American pilots Joseph Lepore and Jan Paul Paladino, held to be those principally responsible for the accident.

"If they continue piloting, they will continue placing in danger the lives of many other people. They need to have their licenses pulled to not kill anyone else", said association director Rosane Gutjahr, who lost her husband in the accident.

The two were on the Legacy which collided with the Gol Airbus. An aeronautic investigation revealed that they, besides other irregularities, turned off the anti-collision system which could have avoided the tragedy.

The action, which will use actors dressed as pilots with fright masks representing the North Americans, is part of the programming for the fourth anniversary of the accident which took place on September 29, 2006.

On the pamphlets and the "killer pilots" business cards distributed in these places there will be the address of the site created by the Association (www.190milhoesdevitimas.com.br).

Besides all the information on the accident, the page functions as a sort of online petition to pressure the North American government to pull their licenses.

Lawyer Theodomiro Dias Neto, who defends the pilots in Brazil, says that the association is selective.

"It [the association] picked the pilots as the only ones responsible for the accident. Disconsidering the conclusions of CENIPA and, principally, the report by the NTSB, the North American accident investigation organ, which indicated the primary responsibility of air traffic control for the accident", he said.

"Their request is absolutely legitimate, but the North American authorities - after two years of investigation -- saw no reason that would justify the cancellation of their licenses", the lawyer finished.

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R.Frost disse...

I feel a lot of sympathy for the people that lost loved ones but this campaign against the two pilots is silly and doomed to failure. U.S. courts have refused to entertain lawsuits over the crash saying that it's a Brasilian matter. The NTSB placed the bulk of the culpability on the Brasilian air traffic system and only indirect blame on the two pilots. The NTSB never found any evidence that they intentionally turned off the transponder. Given past history I'll believe the NTSB over some kangaroo Brasilian court or investigative body. And the families' attempt to sue Americans for defaming Brasil is dead as there is now a law protecting Americans from this sort of libel tourism. If the pilots are ultimately found liable by Brasilian courts then it'll be very difficult to collect any judgements in the U.S. as the entire process in Brasil is highly suspect. I love Brasil and lived there for many years but I've had personal experience with the Brasilian legal system. Enough said.

ATC Brasil disse...

Dear Mr Frost,

We found your comments very interesting and also very much to the point.

As you say - quite correctly - that we must have a lot of sympathy for the people and families which lost their loved ones in this terrible aviation tragedy. But all indicates that they are "ill-guided" by the local authorities in regard to the REAL causes and the REAL responsibilities in this terrible mid-air collision.

We all love Brazil and the Brazilian peolpe, but it's unfortunaley not the first time that a huge smoke screen is produced by the governing bodies and the superficial national media. Diversions are staged and then - with time - the whole situation gets forgotten and goes out of mind as new acontecimentos and scandals do appear and hit the news.

And so the root of the problem is still present and not fixed at all. Sad to say, but this is the reality.