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Expert: I prove that the Legacy equipment was disconnected

Expert: I prove that the Legacy equipment was disconnected

August 25, 2010
Juliana Michaela

Direct from Cuiabá

The expert and specialist in aviation accidents Roberto Peterka testified on Wednesday to the substitute federal judge in Sinop, Fabio Henrique de Moraes Fiorenza, about two technical reports which showed that the TCAS and Transponder (flight safety equipment) were turned off before the takeoff of the American pilots in the Legacy jet that collided with the Gol plane in 2006. The crash killed 154 people in northern Mato Grosso. The testimony of the expert took about three hours.

According to Peterka, he said in testimony to the judge that in the black box, there was no record that the TCAS was connected. "If one of them were on (TCAS or transponder) the accident would not have happened." The appraisal was delivered to the Federal Court in 2009 but it took eight months to complete and has over a thousand pages.

"They (Joseph Lepore and Jan Paul Paladino) said they had turned on the equipment, but I have found that they paid no attention. This information was confirmed by data from the black box and the case-file. I'm convinced of it and testify to it," said the expert .

When asked about the conduct of pilots, Robert Peterka, said he dislikes making value judgments and who decide on the position of the two is the courts. The assistant to the prosecution, Dante D'Aquino, said the hearing with the federal judge was enlightening. He reported that the process is in its normal course and that now is the time for production of evidence.

The judge will hear testimony from two more witnesses. "After this phase, will be the interrogation of the pilots that can occur in three ways: letters rogatory; in person (which I think is unlikely) or interrogation by video conference. There was an attempt by the defense of the pilots to delay the process by presenting numerous witnesses from abroad. I am glad the judge dismissed the possibility that these statements because they were considered expendable, "says Dante D'Aquino.

In the federal judge's decision taken on August 10, he asked the Air Force Command and the University of Brasília (UNB) to appoint a professional to provide information on the system of air traffic control in Brazil. Also that Brigadier Jorge Kersul Filho, chief of the Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (Cenipa), be heard by a letter rogatory.

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