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Transportation rejects regulation of air traffic controller

Transportation rejects regulation of air traffic controller

Reporting - Vania Alves
Editing – João Pitella Junior

The Travel and Transportation Committee rejected, on the 29th, Bill 1093/07, sponsored by Congressman Celso Russomanno (PP-SP), which regulated the profession of air traffic controller. According to the report referee, Representative Olavo Calheiros (PMDB-AL), the profession, which in Brazil is closely ties to an Air Force career, cannot be fitted into a professional market definition.

"The activity of air traffic control has been exercised preponderantly by military personnel of the Air Force, which continues to judge it convenient not to delegate it to third parties", argued the report referee. According to him, the profession is in the realm of military activities or, to a lesser degree, of public service, since the Brazilian Air Force Infrastructure Company (Infraero) employs controllers assigned to the airport towers.

Because of this, according to him, this profession should be regulated only by the same principles which guide the other tasks that are performed by the Armed Forces or public servants. "It makes no sense to confer military status on air traffic control - or subordinate it to the rules of civil service - and, at the same time, submit it to a professional statute typical of civilian private-sector activity", emphasized Olavo Calheiros.

The proposal, which is in the final stage of transmission, was already rejected by the Foreign Relations and National Defense Committee and is still to be analyzed by the committees for Labor, for Administration and Civil Service, and for Constitution, Justice and Citizenry.

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