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Gol accident has new technical report

Gol accident has new technical report

Brasilia - The 1st vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies, Marco Maia, received in his office, this Thursday, April 2, a new technical report on the causes of the aviation accident which occurred on September 29, 2006, between an American ExcelAire Legacy jet, and a Gol Boing (sic) 737-800 (Flight 1907) which victimized 148 passengers and six crew members on the Gol plane.

In 2007, Maia was the report referee of the Aviation Crisis CPI. The new information was presented by technical expert Roberto Peterka and by lawyer Dante D`Aquino, both representatives of the Association of Friends and Relatives of the Victims of Flight 1907.

The report presented brings two new pieces of evidence of the responsibility of North American pilots Joseph Lapore and Jan Paul Paladino, who were flying the Legacy at the time of the mid-air collision: they had not informed the Air Force's control bodies, in their flight plan, that the aircraft did not have formal authorization for flights with the needed characteristics and had not performed tests with the airplane's safety equipment, before takeoff.

In the CPI's Final Report, concluded in October of 2007, Maia propose the accusation of the two North American pilots for criminal negligence in the offense of an attack of aviation safety in the destruction of the aircraft and the occurrence of the deaths.

After watching the presentation by the representatives of the Association of Relatives and Friends of the Victims of Flight 1907, Maia committed himself to soliciting a technical report from the Chamber of Deputies Technical Consulting on the new evidence presented and to send the information on to the Federal Prosecutors' Office. At the suggestion of Congressman Gustavo Fruet, the technical report will also be sent on to the Special Committee created this past March to return a report on Bill 2.452/2007, of the Aviation Crisis CPI, which alters the Brazilian Code of the Air.

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