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New Brazilian decree sets out civil aviation policy framework

Flight Safety Information (02MAR09-053)

New Brazilian decree sets out civil aviation policy framework

Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and defence minister Nelson Jobim have signed a new national civil aviation policies decree, a general framework of political intentions to serve as the basis for future development of the commercial aviation regulatory system.

The decree, number 6,780, has become effective following its publication in the Brazilian official bulletin and is structured around six fundamental objectives:

• Safety and security, to preserve the physical integrity of users, assets and infrastructure of the civil aviation system

• Service delivery, aimed at developing an air transport system which guarantees continuity and reliability of service to all regions of the country

• Environmental protection, to reduce pollution from air and ground operations

• Consumer rights protection, through developing and controling a system which protects the dignity, health, safety and economic interests of air transport users

• Development of civil aviation, including a joint public and private effort to improve, long-term, the country's most complex and capital-intensive means of transport, and develop domestic aeronautical manufacturing and services

• Improvement of civil aviation efficiency, including a reassessment of air traffic control, its technological renewal and refinement of the regulatory system

This decree is a road-map for Brazil's legislators and institutions for the development of new regulations, reform of institutions and prioritisation of public investment in the sector.

It is also a political response to the air traffic control breakdowns suffered repeatedly over the last couple of years and a struggle between the country's civil aviation administration, ANAC, and other defence ministry institutions.

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