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Diario de Cuiaba: Expert points to new failure by pilots

Expert points to new failure by pilots


The discovery of a new mistake committed by the North American pilots who conducted the Legacy jet during the worst recorded accident in Brazilian airspace can change the course of the trial that is looking for those responsible for the tragedy. The collision between the Gol Boeing and the jet caused the deaths of 154 people in June of 2007 (sic).

Expert Roberto Peterka proved that Jan Paul Paladino and Joseph Lepore did not turn on the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), the principal safety device for avoiding midair collisions.

The lawyer for the Association of Relatives and Friends of Flight 1907, Dante D´Aquino, presented the new report to the Federal Prosecutors' Office (MPF).

“The reports were delivered and will be added to the ongoing trial. They are new elements of proof that can change the course of the trial. They confirm negligence by the North American pilots and that they practiced the crime of an attack on the safety of aviation traffic", said the defender.

The expert's work was based on analysis of the data on the aircraft's black box. "The TCAS should be turned on at the start of the flight. The device serves to warn that there is another aircraft on a collision course, which can avoid an accident. In the report there are also indications that the tower team may have made mistakes too", indicated Peterka.

Federal prosecutor Analícia Ortega Hartz Trindade informed in a note that the report received yesterday by the MPF will be sent to the Federal Court in Sinop, where the trial is ongoing against four flight controllers and the two pilots.

“We hope that this will change something. Besides showing that the TCAS was never turned on, the study reveals other imprudent acts. A series of very important points were clarified. The American pilots were the principal causers of the accident and they are being very much let off, since the beginning of the trial. This is an absurdity," said the president of the Association and one of the victims, Angelita de Marchi.

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