domingo, 14 de dezembro de 2008

FOLHA: Eliane Cantanhêde: Only those who want need obey

Brasília - Eliane Cantanhêde: Only those who want need obey

BRASÍLIA - "Black hole" there isn't, nor did the North American pilots turn off the transponder to play with the brand-new toy, as the controllers thought since the accident with Gol 1907, which killed 154 people on September 29, 2006.

But there are other "black holes" and games with the lives of others, as was seen in the final technical report issued yesterday. If the commission guarantees that the radars and equipment functioned perfectly, the same cannot be said for the people who operated the system.

The controllers showed themselves to be unprepared from the first link in the chain, when a youth in Brasilia who didn't even take the trouble to consult the Legacy's flight plan spoke carelessly with an experienced colleague in São José (SP). This knew there were three altitudes, but passed on one, and further cited "Eduardo Gomes", the Manaus airport, inducing the pilots to discard the original plan and follow the authorized plan.

>From there on, a series of tragedies within the tragedy. The controllers, for example, did not update the radio frequency from Brasilia onward. With the wrong frequency, how could the plane and air traffic control communicate?

And the pilots did not turn the transponder off to play, but they were playing with fire. They were not familiar with the aircraft, nor with the Brazilian rules of aviation. They wanted to know the amount of fuel and the weight of the airplane to land in Manaus, but probably wound up inserting wrong number and turning off the transponder which would have saved 154 people.

Well, but this is a story the Folha has been telling right for a long time. Now we need to hope that the 65 safety recommendations generated by the investigation lead to something. By the way thing are going, it's an unknown. The impression is that they're followed by whoever wants to. But we have to fly in planes, whether we want to or not...

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