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Judge changes order of witnesses in Gol accident

Judge changes order of witnesses in Gol accident

Boeing and jet collided in midair, in 2006, and 154 people died.
After change in law, magistrate should hear witnesses before defendants.

Federal judge Murilo Mendes determined, this Friday, September 19, that he will move forward with the trial on the accident with the Gol plane even before hearing the defendants, pilots Jan Paul Paladino and Joseph Lepore. They were on the Legacy jet that collided with the Gol Goeing. The accident caused the death of 154 people in September of 2006.

The decision is based on an alteration in the Code of Criminal Procedure, which was concluded in August. Among the changes, according to the judge, "is that which confers on the defendant the right to be heard last, after the witnesses for the accusation and the those that may be called by the defense."

According to the judge, previously, under the law, the interrogation of the defendant should be realized before the witnesses for the accusation and the defense. With this, the judge had solicited the interrogation of the defendants in the United States. The request remains valid and is still underway.

However, to not lose time, the judge decided that he will move forward with the trial, hearing the witnesses that are in Brazil.


On September 29, 2006, a Gol Boeing, which was making Flight 1907, from Manaus to Brasilia, collided in midair with a Legacy jet which was on its way from São Paulo to the United States.

The Boeing crashed in a region of dense forest in the north of Mato Grosso. The accident left 154 dead - including passengers and airplane crew. The Legacy managed to land at an air force base in the south of the state of Pará. The seven occupants of the business jet survived.

It was the country's second worst aviation disaster in terms of number of victims. In July of last year, yet another accident shocked Brazil. While landing at Congonhas airport, in São Paulo, a TAM aircraft did not manage to land and collided with the TAM Express building, causing the deaths of 199 people.

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