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Air Force clears radars in collision between Legacy and Gol Boeing

São Paulo, Saturday, September 27, 2008

Air Force clears radars in collision between Legacy and Gol Boeing

Document admits possibility of human failure in accident that killed 154

of the Brasilia bureau

Cenipa (the Center for the Investigation of Aeronautic Accidents) released, yesterday, a bulletin clearing the radars and the air traffic control system equipment of responsibility for the collision of the Legacy jet and the Gol Boeing, which killed 154 people on September 29, 2006.

"In the accident no indication was found of influence of radar coverage, through inefficiency or deficiency in air traffic control communications and surveillance equipment", said the bulletin, three days before the accident's second anniversary.

Although it cleared the equipment, the document left open the possibilty of human failure, on the part of not only the North American pilots of the Legacy jet as well as of the flight controllers who operated the system on the day of the accident.

The principal unknown in the reason the Legacy's transponder (which activates the anti-collision system) was not turned on at the time of the collision between the two aircraft, although it had neither defects or design flaws. According to the text, the report was sent last month to the Commission of Investigation's representatives overseas (United States and Canada), in accordance with Annex 13 of the Chicago Convention.

They have up to 60 days, after receipt, to present considerations on the content. Afterward, there will be a final meeting by the Commission of Inquiry, before the conclusion and release of the final text. More than 70 professionals participated in the investigations, in Brazil and overseas, with the realization of trials, tests and simulations in Brazilian and foreign laboratories.

The objective of the Air Force investigation is to produce recommendations to avoid other accidents happening in similar circumstances. Safety recommendations have been issued and others may be issued at the end of the work.

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