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Is the Brazilian AAIB, the "CENIPA", really independent and neutral?

According to ICAO, Annex 13 (signed by the Republica Federativa do Braail) the aviation "accident investigation authority shall have full independence in the conduct of the investigation and also have unrestricted authority over its conduct".

In Brazil the AAIB (Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau)is called CENIPA. It is part of the Aernaútica and subordinated to the Ministry of Defense (under Nelson Jobim).

See referenced document linked to this posting.



Questions arise from these documents:

If the CENIPA is really part of the "TROOPS", as is alledged in the annexed CENIPA-document, are they really able to conduct independent and neutral investigations of an aircraft accident where the Brazilian MILITARY, meaning their "Troops", have played a major part, and important role in it?

Questions that will require clear answers.
We believe this is not a very clever posting by CENIPA!

It's pleasing to note that changes to this problem are due to happen.
Aldo Rebelo has initiated a "House bill" in Brasila proposing changes to the SIPAER -aviation accident prevention - system in Brazil.

The 22-pages strong report and the substitute bill be found here:


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