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CRE will hold audience to demand result of investigations on Gol accident

COMMITTEES / Foreign Relations
19/08/2008 - 14:29

CRE will hold audience to demand result of investigations on Gol accident

Senator João Pedro (PT-AM) informed this Tuesday, August 19, that the Foreign Relations and National Defense Committee (CRE) will hold a public hearing on September 25 on the investigations in to the cause of the GOL Flight 1907 accident, which killed 154 people on September 29, 2006, in the north of Mato Grosso. The plane crashed after colliding with a Legacy jet, piloted by two North Americans.

João Pedro received in his office this Tuesday the president of the association of relatives and friends of Flight 1907, Angelita Rosicler de Marchi, who came to ask Parliamentary help to manage to get from the authorities the final report into the investigations relative to the accident. João Pedro entered into contact with the president of the CRE, senator Heráclito Fortes (DEM-PI), who agreed with holding the meeting.

"Our objective is to clarify what really happened. We cannot let this accident be forgotten. We have to seek to punish those responsible for such a serious accident. We also have the goal of overcoming internal difficulties and improving our aerial vigilance", affirmed João Pedro to Agência Senado.

João Pedro informed that representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), the Center for the Investigation and Prevention of Aviation Accidents (Cenipa), the Ministry of Justice Human Rights Commission and the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) will be invited to take part in the hearing.

He also suggested than on September 26 legislators could accompany members of the relatives' association in a visit to the city of Sinop (MT), where the Federal Police inquiry into the accident is underway. The objective is to seek information about the accident.

The president of the association of relatives said that she considers that two years could be considered [NT: two "considers" in original] "a reasonable time" for the investigations to be finished, taking into account the characteristics of the accident.

"We want to understand what happened, we want Justice and we desire that things be taken more seriously by the airlines and by the Air Force", affirmed Angelita de Marchi, who lost her husband in the accident.

Since the investigation did not find any mechanical problem in either of the two aircraft involved in the accident, the authorities are seeking to identify human errors that could have lead to the tragedy, informed the president of the relatives' association.

According to Angelita de Marchi, if the North American pilots were convicted in Brazil for murder ["homicídio doloso"], the victims' lawyers could make a request to the United States Supreme Court for both to suffer punishments in that country, such as losing their pilots' licenses, for example. If the conviction is for manslaughter ["homicídio culposo"], no punishment could be asked of the United States courts.

On [Sunday,] September 28, the day before the second anniversary of the accident, the realtives' association intends to hold an homage to the dead in the Brasilia Botanic Garden. There, 154 ipê saplings were planted in homage to the victims.

The association intends further to propose to legislators that September 29 be designated National Aviation Safety Day. The association can be contacted on the Internet at http://www.associacaovoo1907.com.

Silvia Gomide / Agência Senado
(Reproduction permitted if Agência Senado credited.)

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