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Folha: On TV, radio, on-line and even in congress, fire became aviation accident

Folha de São Paulo
On television, radio, on-line and even in Congress, fire became aviation accident

The fire in the southern region of the city of São Paulo was initially reported as an aviation accident. The first TV broadcaster to give the "barriga" (in journalistic jargon, incorrect information) was Globo News. The false news was immediately reproduced by other TVs, radios, and sites, including Folha Online, which attributed it to the Globo channel.

The "barriga" quickly echoed in Congress. Congressman Antonio Carlos Pannunzio (PSDB-SP) interrupted the session of the Credit Card CPI, at 17:19, to give "an extremely serious and very sad communication" to his colleagues and lament the "chaos in air transport", in a live transmission by Record News and Band News.

The chairman of the CPI, senator Marisa Serrano (PSDB-MS) lamented the "terrible information" and passed the floor to congressman Paulo Teixeira (PT-SP). He said that he was rooting for the damage to be "as minor as possible not only for those who were on the aircraft as for those who were in the buildings".

Globo News gave news of the false accident, with aerial images of smoke, at 17:17. It said that an ATR plane belonging to Pantanal Linhas Aéreas had just collided with a building in São Paulo. It denied the story five minutes later, at 17:22. Band News gave the "news" seconds later. Record News gave the news at 17:19.

Broadcast TVs

Of the open channels, Record was the only one, at 17:26, to give the "barriga". Globo and Band decided to wait for confirmation and only gave the news of the fire in a mattress warehouse. On the air earlier, José Luís Datena (Band) bragged of the feat.

Record News and Record accused Civil Defense of being the source. A little after 18:00, Record News put on the air, by telephone, the coordinator of Civil Defense, Jair Pacca de Lima, confirming that the first information that the organ had received was that there had been an aviation accident.

The false information supposedly was born when a Patanal pilot, who was landing at Congonhas, advised the tower about a fire on the landing path. The information was confused with an accident involving one of the company's planes.

Globo News did not reveal the source. "Globo News received the incorrect information from sources until then reliable, but does not consider it correct to name sources to excuse itself from an error which, although condemnable, can happen in transmissions of this type", it justified in a note.

The channel relativized the error as being "a real-time coverage".

"As soon as the images were captured, they were put on the air, attributing them to an accident, the first information that arrived at the Newsroom. Right afterward, with the investigation underway, definitive information appeared, clarifying that it was not an accident. While disconnected information is usual in real time transmission, Globo News is evaluating its procedure in the episode".

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