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Estadão: Controller faces second jailing

O Estado de S.Paulo

Controller faces second jailing
President of association will serve 15 days for inciting colleagues via Orkut

Tânia Monteiro

The president of the Brazilian Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations (Febracta), sub-official Moisés Gomes de Almeida, will serve starting today another 15 days of disciplinary imprisonment, determined by the Air Force Command. He received the jail sentence for having contested decisions by the Air Force and inciting colleagues, through Orkut (an Internet personal relationships site) , nine months ago. Lawyers for the sub-official classified the act as "political persecution" and intend to appeal the Air Force's decision.

This is Moises's second jailing. The first was in June of last year, for having given an interview to Radio CBN, when he contested affirmations by the Air Force commandant, brigadier Juniti Saito, on the deficiencies of the air traffic control system.

The Orkut messages, which caused, now, the new arrest order, were published in August of last year. In the first, titled "Could it be that we failed?", Moisés asks for more transparency in the sector and suggest that the controllers follow all the rules in the aviation traffic legislation in effect, even if they have to pay the price of new jailings for going against the orders of some hierarchal superior.


On August 26, in a new message on his page, entitled "Message to the controllers of Brazil", the president of Febracta said that the controllers are strengthened, that they are mobilizing to defend their colleagues who are jailed and persecuted. He affirmed, further, that he dreams of seeing an Air Traffic Control "free of so many mistakes, so much incompetence, so much ignorance and so many 'unplanned' actions." Moisés asked that the controllers unite in associations.

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