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Relatives of Gol accident victims meet with Nelson Jobim

Relatives of Gol accident victims meet with Nelson Jobim

Group delivers agenda of demands on aviation accident trial.
They ask for improvements in the aviation system, changes in the law and in the value of aviation insurance.

The minister of Defense, Nelson Jobim, received the relatives of victims of the GOL Boeing accident, this Thursday (April 10) in Brasilia. The group delivered a list of demands on the progress of the trial over the accident, improvements in the domestic aviation system, changes in the value of the Airline Responsibility insurance (Reta) and even suggestions for changes in the law.

The accident happened in the north of Mato Grosso on September 29, 2006 and victimized 154 people who were on the Gol Boeing. The airplane collided in midair with a Legacy jet that was going from São Paulo on its way to the United States. The Legacy managed to land at an air base in the south of the state of Pará. The seven occupants of the business jet survived and the 154 people who were aboard the Boeing died.

According to Jorge André Cavalcanti, uncle of victim Carlos Cruz, who participated in the meeting, the minister looked favorably on the list. "He showed himself very receptive and interested in what we had to say. It was a long meeting with him and all of his technical team", he said.

One of the points presented by the group to the minister is the creation of a body or institution, linked to the Ministry of Defense, that supports the families and orients them to make their rights effective, besides improvements in the Brazilian aviation system. "We also talked about the erosion in value over more than 20 years of the Reta insurance. In current values, the amount is R$14.223,64", Cavalcanti said.

The group of relatives also presented an old request, which is the improvement of Brazilian legislation to guarantee more government assistance to aviation accident victims. "It is the medical and psychological aid and the acquisition of medications to the end of the whole indemnification process", Cavalcanti affirmed.


"On learning of the filing of the habeas corpus petition by lawyers for the pilots of the Legacy jet asking that they be heard in the USA, we went to appeals judge Jane Silva, responsible for the trial, who guaranteed to us that the procedure would be evaluated within Brazilian legislation and international agreements", said Jorge André Cavalcanti.

Federal judge Murilo Mendes, of Sinop, decided that pilots Jan Paladino and Joe Lepore would testify in the EUA. Because of this, the families of the accident victims asked the Minister of Defense that foreigners be treated in a different manner in Brazil. "Foreigners who are under investigation should be impeded from leaving the country. They themselves signed an agreement promising to return to testify in Brazil and, afterwards, bought a suit asking the contrary, and had it granted", said the uncle of Carlos Cruz.


Family members of the Gol Flight 1907 victims are making a petition to ask the Federal Court in Mato Grosso to punish those responsible for the accident which occurred in the North of the state.

The Association of Relatives and Friends of the Victims of Flight 1907 (AFAV) has made the document available on the entity's site: (www.associacaovoo1907.com).

The collection of signatures ends on May 15 of this years. The document will be sent, along with letters from the relatives, to judge Murilo Mendes, responsible for the criminal trial in Brazil.

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