terça-feira, 8 de abril de 2008

Decision by Mato Grosso Court displeases family members

Decision by Mato Grosso Court displeases family members

Rosane and the relatives of the other dead in Gol Flight 1907 demand criminal punishment of North American pilots Jan Paladino and Joseph Lepore, who conducted the Legacy involved in the collision with the plane. They criticize this month's decision by the Federal Court of Mato Grosso to permit the pair to testify in the USA, which slows down the trial. The courts argue that the decision was taken to speed up the trial.

The majority of the demonstrators in Porto Alegre belong to Afav, but one of the most emotional family member was consultant Christophe Haddad, 41, father of Rebeca, victim of TAM Flight 3054. For him, the weekend carried an extra pain. Had she been alive, his daughter would have turned 15 yesterday, on a date that the family remembered with religious services.

"We want to show that the impunity continues and also make people conscious that they could be checking in without knowing if the plane was examined", he said.

The relatives of the victims of Flight 3054 ask that the authorities accelerate the delivery of information to the São Paulo Civil Police, who are concentrating the investigations. Saturday's protest coincided with the delivery of belongings gleaned from the wreckage of the Airbus. Jewels, fragments of a personal diary, documents, credit cards and clothes filled 41 boxes, cataloged by the BMS Cat company, specialized in post-catastrophe management, the same that worked in the twin towers in New York, in September of 2001.

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