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In the USA, Legacy pilots provide testimony to CENIPA

In the USA, Legacy pilots provide testimony to Cenipa

The jet commanded by the North Americans collided with a Gol Boeing and has caused the death of 154 people

Elvis Pereira, of,
and Tânia Monteiro, of O Estado de S. Paulo

The Commission of Investigation of Aeronautic Accidents (Cenipa), is in the concluding phase of the final report on the accident, but still hopes to have another important part to discover why the disaster occurred - the testimony of the controllers, who up to now have avoided giving testimony. The Association of Air Traffic Controllers informed that they are following their lawyers' advice in relation to pronouncements on the case.


Because of the conclusions reached up to now by the commission, several recommendations have already been sent to all the parts involved, as a way to try to obtain more safety in business jet aviation, with more rigor in the operation of these flights.

Among them, is the recommendation to Embraer, manufacturer of the Legacy jet, that it give pilots better and more detailed instruction, when it delivers its jets. And to the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) that it check that the pilots in fact are familiar with the procedures of the aircraft that they will operate, demanding capability from the crews.

In the case of the Air Force and the controllers, the instructions are in the sense of suggesting that more warnings be installed, in the form of alarms, to help prevent situations of aerial conflict. Also among the recommendations are improvements in the training and capacity of the controllers, with better understanding of English, more supervision, the installation of equipment more capable of better helping the personnel who monitor the air traffic situation.


The expectation is that, within a month, this new stage of the investigating commission's work will be done, for the data obtained and the conclusions to be sent to the others involved in the accident.
The bodies involved will have up to 60 days to return the report with their approval or with new observations. But, as the other organs are following the investigation step by step, the Air Force hopes that all this time will not be needed for the final conclusion of the work and and that everything will be finalized in, at least, some 60 days.

The Air Force emphasized that the investigation has as its sole objective the identification of factors contributing to the accident and the issuance of safety recommendations that can help avoid new aviation accidents. It repeats, further, that it does not have the purpose of placing blameor leading to criminal or civil responsibility of those involved.

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