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Jobim: Audit of the Air Traffic Control System within one year

Friday, January 25, 2008

Jobim: Audit of the Air Traffic Control System within one year

Third airport in São Paolo is guaranteed says Jobin

According to the Minister of Defense the airport of Viracopos, in Campinas, will have a high speed train link with downtown São Paolo,

Jobim didn't indicate a timeline for the works on the third airport; he announced that he will mandate an audit to investigate Air Traffic Control.


The Minister of Defense, Nelson Jobim, said that the government has already taken two political decisions: the creation of a third airport in São Paolo and the creation of a high speed train system to link the airport of Viracopos, in Campinas (95 km from SP) until the town center.

"The building of the third airport is a firm decision. Those of the trains from Viracopos as well", said Jobim to Folha yesterday, adding that he will meet with the Governor of São Paulo, José Serra (PSDB), after Carnival, in order to handle the train system project that is to link as well the State of Rio de Janeiro.

According to Jobim 40 mio Reais will be needed to carry out the necessary studies, expected to last until July 2007, about the definition of the site and the planning of the third airport, and another 2 billion Reais to buy the land and to landscape it. But he was not willing to confirm deadline and the final price tag for the conclusion of this construction.


Reacting to criticism that he received for the reinstallations of intermediate stops and flight connections at Congonhas the Minister said that they were made because the number of passengers on this airport was reduced from to close to 18.5 mio in 2006, to about 15.5 mio in 2007 and that the number will be maintained at this level. With this reduction the airport operations "are safe".

The aim, when getting rid of the intermediate stops and the connections, was mainly to decongestion the check-in areas as, being today, after the air crisis of 2007, the passenger that embarks for instance in Curitiba and travels to Brasilia has to descend and queue up again, effectuate a new check-in and do all the registrations as it would be a new flight.

"Who wins with this? Nobody" said Jobim reminding that nowadays, if the first flight gets delayed, the passenger loses the second flight as the airline is not required to accommodate it. Being an intermediate stop or a connection, the airlines have to take over this responsibility.


The Minister of Defense announced as well that he will contract "an audit or consultancy" in order to effectuate a complete and detailed analysis of the Brazilian Air Traffic Control System that became under fire after the collision between a Legacy jet and a Boeing of Gol, on September 29, 2006 and which was the trigger event of the "air chaos".

Worldwide, there are five organizations that do this type of audit and Jobim said that it's not yet determined which one will be hired for the work. He said that he hopes that the work will be finished within maximum one year in order to "change what is required".

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