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ANAC demands reasons for 4 malfunctions in United flights

Anac demands reasons for 4 malfunctions in United flights

Andressa Zanandrea and Camilla Rigi

The National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) will solicit that the FAA, the North American aviation agency, send the maintenance reports for the United Airlines aircraft that presented mechanical problems on Brazilian soil in recent days. On the evening of the day before yesterday, Flight 842, which was leaving Guarulhos International Airport for Chicago, in the United States, didn't even take off. This is the company's fourth airplane with mechanical problems since Saturday. If Anac finds any problem with the documentation, the agency will ask the FAA to take measures or even fine the airline.

According to reports by passengers on Flight 842, when the Boeing 767-300 arrived at the head of the runway, they were informed by the pilot that the plane was overweight and that some "compartments" would be removed, without further details. Shortly after, the commandant asked to speak with the 172 passengers and admitted that there was a smell of burnt wiring in the kitchen, located at the rear of the plane. Still on the runway, two electricians tried to fix the problem, but the flight was cancelled.

The passengers returned to the concourse about 0:15. Some, such as Minas Gerais state legislator Délio Malheiros (Green Party), had been trying to reach the United States since Tuesday. "They are flying with real scrap heaps", complained Malheiros, who was accompanied by 11 relatives.

In a note, United informed that the day before yesterday's flight was canceled "as soon takeoff procedures were initiated, to insure that the mechanical problem that occurred the previous night had been resolved." The airline informed that it would provide another plane to carry the passengers yesterday night. The airline said it was sorry to the passengers, promised to compensate them, and alleged that the cancellations occurred to insure the well-being of passengers and crew.

In less than a week there were four breakdowns in United planes. Flight 860, for Washington, which left Guarulhos Airport at 23:48 on Tuesday, with 175 passengers, had to return 50 minutes after takeoff because of an mechanical problem that still has not been disclosed. The same night, flight 842, which left at 22:11 for Chicago, also returned.

In the post-midnight hours of Saturday, flight 874, which was taking off from Tom Jobim International Airport, in Rio de Janeiro, heading to Washington, in the United States, also had mechanical problems and returned.

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