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Update on the Lear Jet accident on November 4, 2007

Update on the Lear Jet accident on November 4th, 2007 (Campo de Marte, São Paolo)

Flashback: a Learjet plane carrying two people crashed into two houses in the residential neighborhood of Rua Bernardinho de Sena. Six people on the ground (plus the two aboard) were killed.

"An executive jet crashed in a heavily populated neighborhood of Sao Paulo on Sunday, killing at least eight people and turning homes into a pile of smoky rubble just months after the city was the site of Brazil’s deadliest air disaster.

The plane, a Learjet 35 belonging to a Brazilian air taxi company, slammed into several houses shortly after taking off, said Lucia Ferreira, a spokeswoman for airport authority Infraero.

Killed in the crash were the pilot, the co-pilot and at least six people on the ground, including a child, according to Sao Paulo’s state public safety department and the airport authority.

The plane was not carrying any passengers, according to a statement issued by the jet’s owner, Reali Taxi Aerea.

The jet that crashed Sunday afternoon took off from the Campo de Marte airport, used by executive jets and helicopters, and was en route to Rio de Janeiro, Ferreira said.

Witnesses told Brazilian media the Learjet plowed nose first into the blue-collar neighborhood as it apparently tried to return to the airport during cloudy and slightly rainy conditions. One home was destroyed and at least one more was heavily damaged. More than 60 firefighters were still combing through the debris hours later." LINK BELOW

Update on the accident causes

The transcription of the black-box of the Learjet has leaked. A mechanic in one of the hangers at the Campo de Marte has a copy. It seems that at the Learjet's hanger, cramped conditions make it hard to fill the left tank, which is in the left wing. The pilot's normal procedure was to fill the right tank, and pump fuel to the left tank while taxiing.

The co-pilot was new, had been with him for only a month or two. While taxiing, the pilot was on his cell phone, and told the co-pilot to equalize the tanks. The co-pilot stated he was doing so. Arriving at the head of the runway, the co-pilot said the tanks were still not equal, and suggested they do a pre-flight check. The pilot said they were running late, and should just get going.

However, fuel had apparently not been transferred at all, and the right wing was 300 kg heavier than the left wing. That's why instead of the usual turn to the left, the plane turned to the right. There's apparently dialog to the effect that, "You son of a bitch, you didn't transfer fuel".

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