terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2007



In respect to information recently published in the press on the suspension of military air traffic controllers, this Center addresses the following clarification to the public:

1) Last Friday, November 23, an official communication was sent by the judge of the Curitiba Military Audit to the CINDACTA II (Curitiba) Command, informing of the opening of a criminal case against 11 of that Center's controllers, based on an indictment by the Military Prosecutors' Office, relative to the events of March 30 of this year. The document recommends suspension of the military personnel involved from their operational duties, a suggestion promptly accepted by CINDACTA II for the benefit of air traffic safety. In consequence, these military personnel are performing administrative tasks at CINDACTA II itself.

2) In a separate occurrence, the Air Force Command (COMAER), based on the legislation in force, opted to not prolong the enlistments of seven military controllers of CINDACTA I (Brasilia), all without professional tenure and within the probationary period. Even so, in the administrative process the military personnel can appeal to a higher level.

3) It should be emphasized that COMAER has acted in the improvement and training of air traffic controllers, in the implementation of scheduled investments for the modernization of systems and equipment, as well in the the improvement of the fluidity of air traffic, as in the recent change in sectors in CINDACTA II (Curitiba).

4) In reference to the training of new air traffic controllers, 236 new professionals will be formed at the Air Force School for Specialists (EEAR) in Guaratinguetá (SP), making a total of 365 new controllers brought into the Brazilian Air Space Control System in 2007.

Head of the Air Force Center for Social Communication

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