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Judgment in trial on Boeing crash in Far North left for 2008

Judgment in trial on Boeing crash in Far North left for 2008

December 14, 2007 - 00h02

Minister Paulo Gallotti, of the 3ª Section of the Superior Tribunal of Justiça (STJ), has still not defined the date for judging the action of conflict of jurisdiction in the trial of the crash of the Gol Boeing, in the state's Far North. Everything indicates that it should be left for 2008, since the court goes into recess next Thursday and will only return to work on January 7. During this period, the normal legal deadlines are suspended.

The trial was underway in the Federal Court of Sinop, however, an action was also proposed in Military Court, which declared itself to have jurisdiction to judge the four flight controllers, indicted by the Mato Grosso Federal Prosecutors' Office (MPF). The four, who worked in air traffic control on the day of the accident - September 29, 2006 - in which 154 died, arrived to be heard in Sinop, in August, by Federal judge Murilo Mendes.

Also indicated as being at fault, by the MPF, were the American pilots of the Legacy jet involved in the collision - Joseph Lepore and Jan Paladino. They did not appear at the audience to provide clarification and the Electoral (sic) Court determined that the trial should proceed without them.

The Prosecutors' Office defended that the trial continue to be judged in Sinop, where it was already proceeding at a fast pace. The next step will be the hearing of witnesses, already named by the defense and by the MPF.

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